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Vermont Emergency Medical Services (EMS) District 12  is located in the Southwest corner of the State, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains.  VT EMS District 12 is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of a representative of each of the medical facilities, ambulance services and first responder services operating within the district, and the District’s Medical Advisor. (Title 24 Ch. 71 Section 2653)

The District’s Medical Advisor is selected by the EMS District Board to advise on matters involving medical practice and to assist the EMS District Board in the establishment of medical control, development of treatment protocols, medical oversight of EMS educational programs, reviews and critiques of calls. The District Medical Advisor serves as a liaison between the EMS District Board and the medical community. The District Medical Advisor also serves as the Commissioner’s designee for purposes of credentialing and medical control. (Vermont EMS Rules Sec. 1.12)

VT EMS District 12 incorporates Arlington Rescue Squad, Bennington Rescue Squad, Deerfield Valley Rescue, East Dover First Response, Pownal Rescue Squad, Manchester Rescue Squad, Readsboro First Response, Salem Rescue Squad (N.Y.), Stratton Mountain Rescue, North Adams Ambulance Service (MA.), Stamford Fire/Rescue, Mt. Snow Ski Patrol, Village Ambulance Service (MA.), Whitingham First Response, and Winhall Police/Rescue.

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Injuries sustained from an explosion can have characteristics of blunt and penetrating mechanisms of injury. ★Primary Blast Wave: When the explosion occurs, a wall of air pressure quickly expands outward in all directions. Anyone close to the explosion will be struck by the pressure wave causing blunt injuries to the inside of the body, especially to hollow organs. ★Secondary Blast Wave: Immediately following the primary wave is all the debris from the explosion. It may be the remainder of the original container, shrapnel, glass or other materials from near by structures. This debris strikes the victims, causing penetrating injuries. ★Tertiary Blast Injuries: If the force of the explosion is great enough, victims can be thrown to the ground or into other solid objects, causing additional blunt and penetrating injuries.

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